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There's a really nice rhythm to this, it builds up into a really satisfying flow!

Like it a lot! Tricky gameplay and nice design!

this is neat and the presentation's so nice :3 got about 70 pts

Great game - very compelling & fried my brain bit too while on auto-pilot! 👍
(I was on a roll for a massive score, but alas, lost it when I panicked-pressed at the end)

TIP: Might be easier on players to actually use the X key with BTN(5) - as you're currently mixing buttons by saying "Press X", when BTN(4) == 🅾️ in PICO-8, not X.
(Try the gamepad/input tester, just to the right of your game screen above to confirm)


Thanks! I've changed the input to X, that's way clearer :)